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Wait and See

It is early Spring here at Silvana, our home and garden enfolded within a northern Michigan forest. The snow is gone and the property is covered in oak leaves. Oaks on the property is a very encouraging sign that the local ecosystem should be full of insects and birds. It is surprisingly quiet though but it is early days.

We are the third owners of this property and we moved here in late November 2023 so I am looking forward to see what come up and blooms throughout Spring, Summer, and even Autumn. On my morning walk around the property I saw crocuses and daffodils. Roses and a peony. Chives and lemon thyme. All buried in oak leaves. So my first Spring task is to move the leaves from the garden beds to a compost pile so I can create leaf mold for future soil enhancement.

Other than moving and composting leaves, my Spring task is to simply observe. I want to see what emerges when and only then thoughtfully add or edit the existing garden beds. Mother Nature is the head gardener here and I want to understand her approach. I can't promise that I won't add a little something here or there, for I am a gardener, but as someone who respects this land I will take a wait and see approach. I also want to see the previous gardeners' vision for this property. I see the emergence of a herb garden and a cottage garden. I'm looking forward to see what is revealed next.

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